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Hundreds of successful projects, thousands of completed orders and tens of thousands of guests delighted by the attention they received at the end of a holiday or after tiring day of meetings, represent the certainty that we truly manage to create the five star experience accessible, all through the usage of luxury hotel products.


Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures, we created an extensive collection of luxurious yet affordable products for home and body. We hope to enrich your life using unique signature fragrances that are carefully designed and composed by the world’s finest perfumers.

Molton Brown

Our Eaux de Parfum and Toilette, Bath and Body, Hair and Home collections blend the finest ingredients into formulations of unrivalled fragrance concentration. Made in England, our creations are intricately composed by visionary perfumers for an individual, indulgent sensory experience.

Corby of Winsor

Incorporated originally by Mr John Corby in Windsor, England in 1930, Corby began life as a manufacturer of garment care products in particular the trouser press. Over the years we progressed into the manufacture of electrical products within the garment care category and we proudly became a household name in the 1980s as our products began to be sold into thousands of hotels around the world.